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Why Redondo Beach can improve

Let me set some ground rules before explaining what this site is all about. The material on this site isn’t about me. I won’t be telling you about my favorite color, what I had for dinner or why everyone should think I’m fascinating. It isn’t my Facebook.

A lot of what will appear here will be subjective and a matter of opinion. Whenever you’re reading or listening to something an advocate prepared, and I’m certainly an advocate, you need to ask yourself if the material that’s being presented is fact or opinion.  I will do my best to ensure opinions don’t get presented as facts and that it’s always clear which is which.

I will also never present my opinions as the opinions of the “people”. I may point out people who agree or disagree but I’ll never try to amplify my opinions by claiming everyone shares them.

I was appointed to the Redondo Beach Harbor Commission by Mayor Greg Hill in 2005. I’m sure there are people within city government who wish he hadn’t appointed me. The main problem I pose to the status quo is that by nature, when I’m in a situation, I look for better ways to do things.

After nearly 8 years I’ve gotten a very close look at how Redondo Beach city government functions. For the most part, it functions well and provides the services citizens need and expect. The city has some fundamental problems and that’s what I’ll discuss on this site.

Finally, I have nothing to gain personally from any of the content on this site. I may promote my various business ventures but there will be no confusion about whether that material has anything to do with improving Redondo Beach.

Harry Munns

May, 2012