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Passion and practicality

There’s a lot of passion among the south bay citizens who have spoken at recent city council meetings. It’s genuine and it’s commendable.

Passion will attract attention to a cause like opposing re-licensing AES Redondo Beach. Strong feelings can get the process started. Passion and zealousness won’t get the heavy lifting done. That requires informed, thoughtful and diligent effort among people with a great deal of experience and knowledge.

Nothing can interfere with the successful completion of this process more surely than the contributions, however well intentioned, of passionate zealots. Unfortunately, they never recognize when it’s time to hand the reins over to the passionless professionals

2 thoughts on “Passion and practicality

  1. Don Ames

    I enjoyed Your recent Pro Power Plant”common sense” factual AES articles. Great to hear the true facts without all the radical hystericle agenda.
    All of these AES factual articles must be published in all of Our local newspapers. No one should fear the truth and the sharing of information!!
    Don Ames

  2. funbooker Post author

    Thank you for the kind words Mr. Ames. If you read other comments on this site, you’ll see many are not as kind nor as well-mannered.

    I should correct one part of your message. I’m not pro-power plant. I have said repeatedly, I would like to live in a city without a power plant and as a long term prospect, responsible leadership should be working toward that goal. I also recognize AES, like all property owners, has rights. The efforts among some of our fellow citizens to legislate away those rights will end badly for Redondo Beach. I’m hoping the voters realize this small group of people is using a string of lies and deceptions to try to lead them down a path that will not end with a power plant-free Redondo. I’m hoping they realize Measure A will have no impact on our desire to get rid of the power plant.


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