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All or nothing

History repeatedly proves that people who demand all or nothing wind up with nothing much more often than they get everything. Is that a reason not to ask for everything? Of course not but wise people recognize that in the end something is much better than nothing.

Measure DD was a fluke. The only thing it proved was the effectiveness of a one-sided argument. Building a Better Redondo completely dominated the conversation about zoning and voters voted accordingly.

Measure G validated my opinion about Measure DD being a fluke. BBR opposed Measure G. The ballot measure approved new zoning in the harbor that would enable some limited development. The people in the community who knew BBR and DD did not reflect the opinions of the community at-large, mobilized and got the word out that development in the harbor didn’t mean we’d soon have a waterfront that resembled Waikiki or Miami Beach. Measure G passed.

Now we have a movement, largely populated by BBR folks, that’s dominating the conversation about the power plant. In many ways they’re sticking to the DD playbook. With DD they asked voters if they approved of building time shares and high rises in the harbor.

They made the choice simple. If you want to avoid ruining our harbor support our measure to have a citizen vote on major zoning changes. If you’re in favor of destroying our quaint and charming harbor, don’t support us.

This time it’s a little different but certainly recognizable. Unless you want AES to continue polluting our air and taking up highly desirable real estate that could become home to a park, you must support us.

That simply isn’t true. Through dialogue with everyone involved, including state regulators and¬†AES, the property owner and legally licensed operator of a power plant on that property, we might find some solution that everyone can live with.

This is bad news for fanatics. When big decisions get debated and decided by reasonable, rational people, fanatics ultimately get marginalized and largely excluded from the conversation that leads to a final solution.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at Measure G.¬†Inflexibility is great in a dictatorship but it doesn’t work in a democracy. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our federal government.

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