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Hope for District 2

There’s definitely a place in this world for people who feel so passionately about a single issue that they devote most of their time and energy to that issue. Elected office in general and elected office in Redondo Beach is not one of those places.

The reasons are simple. When you get elected to serve a group of people, they have a right to expect you to devote all the time you have available to a variety of issues that effect them. Every hour you spend fighting for some obsessive cause is an hour you don’t spend tending to the needs of your constituents.

I have long held the opinion that serving on the Redondo Beach city council has evolved past the point where we can reasonably expect volunteers to have enough time to do the job right. A full-time job and/or a young family compete for a council person’s time, which is why I don’t currently harbor any aspirations of serving on the council. If you add a time-consuming crusade like forcing a local business out of the city, you just can’t expect to have enough time left over to do a job that requires more time than you have without the crusade.

My friend and colleague, Michael Jackson, has a flexible work schedule, a grown family and no crusades. I have worked with him and I know he’s a reasonable, hard-working guy who understands how government works and has a sincere desire to do what’s best for all Redondo residents.

I’ll have plenty to say about Michael’s candidacy as we get closer to the election. Today I want to point out he has the endorsement of the city’s police and firefighters associations. Follow his campaign by clicking here, www.jackson4redondo.com. He needs to unseat an incumbent, something that’s always difficult. Join me in helping him bring leadership and fair representation to Redondo Beach’s District 2 and the whole city.



3 thoughts on “Hope for District 2

  1. funbooker Post author

    Yes, but not right away. First, I’d change the charter to create a strong mayor form of government. This would make the mayor the CEO, someone elected by the citizens to run the city, not just cut ribbons and run the city council meetings. The most powerful person in the city would be accountable to the voters. The way it is now, the most powerful person in the city, the city manager, answers to just 5 people, city council members who desperately depend on him to function as volunteers. I’d take about 80% of the current city manager’s salary and benefits and offer it as annual compensation for a 4 year term. I don’t think we’d have any trouble finding qualified candidates. The Assistant CM would become the city administrator or some other title to help maintain continuity. This one move would save the city money and add accountability. Then I’d do the same thing, gradually, for the city council.

  2. Lisa Rodriguez

    I am so excited to support a new councilman who will tend to the concerns of all the constituents without insulting them. Why would I bother to re-elect someone who calls the residents of this community uneducated and uninformed? One who has done nothing but divide this city?

    To become better informed about Michael Jackson, there are many planned Meet N Greets. If interested in one nearest you…please visit http://www.jackson4redondo.org


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