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AES Redondo Beach Announces a New Plan

This is the most exciting news from Redondo Beach since Fifi Maloof’s brothel appeared on the national news (look it up). AES, the energy company that owns and operates the Redondo Beach generating plant, announced it will voluntarily cease generating electricity in Redondo Beach and remove the plant if the city passes an initiative that allows mixed use development on the 50 acre site.

There will be plenty of time for lots of conversation and debate over a project that will take more than a decade to complete at best and probably more like two or three decades if past experience is any indicator. Right now, I’d like to speak to the good people of the community who have expressed their desire to get rid of the plant.

Some of you voted for Measure A. Others carried signs, signed petitions and attended city council meetings. Some of you did all of it.

Throughout it all, a few very vocal and visible individuals made some claims that probably spoke to you and made you think they were aligned with your interests. They weren’t.

Watch what they do next. Remember when they told you they wanted clean air for kids? Remember when they told you they wanted to improve the community and get rid of the ugly power plant? If that was all true, you could expect them to take a victory lap and celebrate the good news with the rest of us.

They won’t. They will reveal their true agenda in the moves they make next. Watch very carefully because they will have to craft future messages in a way that will continue to deceive you into thinking they want what you want. Don’t get fooled again.

2 thoughts on “AES Redondo Beach Announces a New Plan

  1. Mike s

    Yes be careful of what they say. I think they are trying to get someone else to pay for mega clean up of the property.

  2. funbooker Post author


    Do we really care who pays to clean it up as long as it gets cleaned up?
    Do we really care if a company, companies or individuals make money in the process of giving us 50 acres of waterfront land the community can use?
    Does having a community on that site that includes residential uses in any way detract from the overall community?
    Do we really need another park?

    As citizens, we will all have to answer these questions. The new project is an opportunity for Redondo Beach to have what it has desperately needed since the 1960s, a downtown, a heart.

    Remember, every argument you will hear against developing the AES property is simply a thinly veiled attempt to mask the real intents of those pushing the arguments, namely, their desire to tell the rest of us how to live and an attempt to force us to live with another park almost no one uses.



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