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A Call to Action

Those who oppose or as I call them, The Opponents, are at it again. They held a press conference recently announcing their intention to get an initiative on the ballot that will propose scaled back development (I’m paraphrasing. I wasn’t there). I don’t really feel obligated to supply the details here. You can get them pretty easily elsewhere.

This initiative should be stopped before it gets approved for the ballot. As a community, I believe we have the ability to do exactly that.

If you look deeper into the backgrounds of the people who lead the charge for the status quo you will find they work for big companies like American Airlines and Northrop Grumman. They work for companies they did nothing to build. Their jobs were just there when they applied. All they had to do was get someone in the company to tell them they were hired. No one among them knows the least bit about business or community planning yet they believe they should be allowed to dictate to this community what it will and will not do with its most valuable resource.

I do believe they understand that if they can thwart a project that is capable of supporting itself financially by promising to scale down development, they can eliminate development altogether. The beauty of that plan is that they can create an environment in which no developer would touch King Harbor, then come away saying, “we were all for development, just not as much as the city council approved.”

The most important thing the people of this community can do now to ensure we get a waterfront we can all use and enjoy is to get out and stand side by side with the paid operatives they will have collecting signatures for their initiative. We need to talk to our neighbors while the people from out of state holding clipboards pretend to know our city and try to get them to support yet another plan…to have no plan.

We need to mobilize. We need to stand in front of Von’s and Whole Foods and go one-on-one with their paid operatives. Before our friends and neighbors provide their signatures, we need to have a few seconds to explain to them why an initiative would scuttle the CenterCal plan and leave us with no plan and little hope of transforming our waterfront to match the needs of this community in this century.

I’m ready to sign up to pull some shifts around the city and to help educate my fellow citizens. Are you?